Safe Place

Safe Place

Written and directed by Juraj Lerotić
Feature film, In pre-production
After Damir suddenly and without a visible motive tries to take his own life, his mother and brother have no other choice but to hospitalise him. Despite their trust in doctors, soon they become aware of their nonchalance and lack of interest. When Damir escapes and appears at his doorstep, they realise they have to respect his will and decide against another hospitalisation. Trying to help a person whose actions and behaviour they understand less and less, they find themselves in an uncharted territory. Although they are trying to remain calm, their daily lives change immensely, fighting an invisible war with everyone else. Mother and brother realise that, despite their care and love, they are completely unequipped for the circumstances that befell them. On a 24-hour search for help, they collide with the chaotic system, the elusive disease, the mystery of human nature and, finally, with the brutality and banality at the hands of death.
Written by  Juraj Lerotić
Producers  Boris T. Matić, Lana Matić
Production company  Propeler Film (HR)
Coproduced by  Staragara (SI)
Ulica grada Vukovara 35a
10000 Zagreb
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