The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed

The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed

Directed by Zvonimir Jurić
Feature film, 2003, 92′
This is a story of one night in the life of three young people from Zagreb. At dawn, one of them leaves …
Producer Boris T. Matić
Production company Propeler Film (HR)
Coproduction Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HR)
Cast Darija Lorenci, Nataša Dangubić, Bojan Navojec
Director of photography Vjeran Hrpka
Editor Dubravka Turić
Music PlayMF
Set designer Nedjeljko Mikac

Festivals and awards

Pula Film Festival 2003 Breza award for best debut
Ulica grada Vukovara 35a
10000 Zagreb
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