Production company Propeler Film was founded by Boris T. Matić in 2001. Its main buisness operations are film and video production, organization of festivals and public events as well as the design and production of creative event solutions. In 2003 Propeler Film started the Zagreb Film Festival and organized it until 2007 and since 2008 the Festival has existed as an independent legal entity.

Propeler Film produced the following films which have won more than 30 international prizes:

''The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed'' (2003) directed by: Zvonimir Jurić
''Sex, Booze and Short Fuse'' omnibus (2004) directed by: Zvonimir Jurić, Boris T.Matić and Antonio Nuić
''Border Post'' (2005) directed by: Rajko Grlić
''Gravehopping'' (2005) (co-production) directed by: Jan Cvitković
''All For Free'' (2006) directed by: Antonio Nuić
''Graffiti Street'' (2007) directed by: Sergej Kreso
''Buick Riviera'' (2008) redatelj: Goran Rušinović
''Zagreb Stories'' omnibus (2009) directed by: Dario Pleić, Zvonimir Jurić, Zoran Sudar, Ivan Sikavica, Branko Ištvančić, Marko Škobalj, Ivan Ramljak, Matija Kluković, Goran Odvorčić, Igor Mirković and Nebojša Slijepčević.
''Donkey'' (2009) directed by: Antonio Nuić.
''Zagreb stories vol.2" omnibus (2012) directed by: Hana Veček, Sara Hribar, Aldo Tardozzi, Ivan Sikavica, Josip Visković, Radoslav Jovanov Gonzo
''Circles" (2013) (co-production) directed by: Srdan Golubović

By 2001, Boris T. Matić had produced through other companies the following films: ''I love you- Montažstroj'' (1995) directed by: Dalibor Martinis, ''Mondo Bobo'' (1997) directed by: Goran Rušinović, ''Who Wants to Be a President'' (2000) directed by: Igor Mirković and Rajko Grlić, ''Bosnavision'' (2000) directed by: Goran Rušinović.

During 2004 Propeler film designed and organized the celebration of the Zagreb City Day and in 2005 it organized 14th Croatian Film Days. Apart from film production and organization of events, Propeler Film has published 3 books; ''Zagreb, modernity and the City'' by Feđa Vukić, ''Subjective Frame'' by Vanja Černjul and ''My First Movie'' by Stephen Lowenstein as well as organized 2 exhibitions: ''Decisive Moments''- 70 photographs of the world most famous cinematographers and ''Still Frames - portraits of stars''- exhibition of photographs from film sets.

The current projects of Propeler Film are: feature films ''Butcher's Heart'' directed by Antonio Nuić and  "Rotor" by Dario Pleć and documentary film "Zig Zag" by Radislav Jovanov Gonzo and Josip Ivančić. Feature film "Judgment" is currently in postproduction. 


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