Early morning rush-hour on the busiest roundabout in Zagreb, Croatia. A split second crash, involving three young friends Tomo, Ana, and Ivo, an unknown female Anita and a lone male Domagoj takes place. The crash was orchestrated by the youths in attempt to scam insurance money to fund their trip to a Metalica concert. At the time of conception, the plan seemed faultless. What they didn’t expect was to hit a volatile Domagoj, an ex soldier suffering from PTSP, on the morning his wife left him and took their only son with her. They also didn't except that Anita, who is in a mad state of mind due to an unfounded accusation which had been made by her husband moment earlier would be hit either. So when the mother of all quarrels ensues on this roundabout no one is quite prepared for the dramatic outcome. The unhinged Domagoj hijacks all four participants and drive them into the desolated wilderness. More than being taken hostage no one is prepared for the truths and deceit that will unfold and change each of their lives irrevocably. Things are not quite as they seem.


I want this film to be an intimate narrative about individual choices that characters make on one extraordinary day. It is a film that will examine, consequences of lies. Ultimately, it is a film about the liberating, cathartic power of truth.

The inspiration for this film came from a conversation I overheard in a café in Zagreb, last summer, about a car insurance scam. There is a real roundabout in Zagreb, where these things are regularly done. Film is a morality tale, it poses an elemental question - how far are you prepared to go, to get what you want? By understanding the personal choices of the characters, and dealing with their lives, we are making observations about a contemporary materialistic society that is governed by greed and obsessed by materialism. In such a society, the truth is always the first victim. Deceit and lies, in some form or another, bring all of the characters to the car crash. After finding out that he was lying to her, Dijana leaves Domagoj taking Nino with her. Distraught, Domagoj sits in a car and heads towards the roundabout. Anita is a self reliant, independent woman married to Renato - a weakling unable to cope with his own life. When Renato wrongly accuses her of lying, Anita is hurt and storms out of the house late for work. Tomo, Ana and Ivo are young, impulsive and carefree. So when they hear about the scam with car insurance they don't think twice - they will lie and cheat to get what they want. The honesty extracted by Domagoj’s vengeful interrogation, ultimately sets all of them free. Anita realizes that she is an abusive relationtip and that she deserves and desires more. The real truth about Ivo, Ana and Tomo friendship comes to the fore when another deceit, Ana's affair with Ivo is uncovered. Their friendship is destroyed. It is often said that it is much easier to truthfully see others than ourselves. This is Domagoj's biggest problem. He is still in denial over his own lies with Dijana. But when Luka reveals the ultimate truth that he is dying, Domagoj returns from a brink and decides to release them all. Luka's revelation offers Domagoj a chance to truthfully see his own life and asses what is important. It helps him make up his mind to get his wife and child back.

Visually, I want to make a film that will express this inner turmoil of all the characters. There are two totally different location set ups. One is the bustling and chaotic roundabout in the city with its foreboding concrete structure, nearby metal bridges straddling the river and a multitude of a adjoining roads is a perfect visual symbol, ideal location where the lives of our protagonists will get entangled.

It is a place where all the trouble starts, where lies and deception prevail. Second is a simple house in the countryside. It is the place where lies start to get untangled, but also it has the sense of isolation that is intended to increase both the tension and the fear felt by the captives who have been totally removed from their respective comfort zones. It is my intention to visually emphasize the difference between these two locations vividly using a varied color palette. The city and the roundabout will be shot in monochrome, bleak coloring, whilst countryside and the isolated house will be filmed in bright primary colors. I intend to use rapid camera movements, jump cutting, expressive use of sound and music to highlight the characters journeys and emotions as well as to achieve gripping tension to compel the audience.