On the Set of Antonio Nuić's 'Life Is Like A Trumpet'


The shooting of Antonio Nuić's new feature-length film, 'Life Is Like A Trumpet', produced by Propeler Film, started in Zagreb yesterday.

The plot includes a young couple who are about to get married: Boris Burić plays trumpet in an alternative jazz band and Jana Krajač is a psychologist. Boro Bura, as his friends call him, comes from a wealthy family of butchers' business owners and Jana is from a classical middle-class background. Bura's father Zdravko takes it upon himself to organize the wedding as he wants to do it in the traditional style.

Bojan Navojec and Iva Babić play the title roles. The rest of the cast includes Zlatko Vitez, Mirela Brekalo, Goran Navojec, Ksenija Marinković, Filip Šovagović and Filip Križan. The producer is Boris T. Matić and the director of photography is Radislav Jovanov Gonzo. Hrvoje Štefotić wrote the original score and the art director is Nedjeljko Mikac. The film is co-produced by Staragara from Slovenia, Artikulacija Production from Montenegro and Croatian Radiotelevision.

The shooting will be taking place on locations in Zagreb and the completion of the first phase is planned for late December. 'Life Is Like A Trumpet' is financed by Croatian Audiovisual Center, Slovenian Film Center, Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and European Union MEDIA Program.