Special Mention for 'Someone Might Drop a Cigarette Butt'


Josip Visković's film 'Someone Might Drop a Cigarette Butt' won a special mention of the jury at Magma Film Festival in Acireale, Italy. The twelfth edition of the festival ended on 30 November with the award-winning ceremony where the special mentions and main award – Lorenzo Vecchio – were presented.

Josip Visković's film, one of the films from 'Zagreb Stories Vol. 2' omnibus, won this recognition in the feature-film category. According to the jury, "with an impressive simplicity, [the film] put across to the audience the sense of love for little things, providing an overpowering, attractive scene at the same time".

During the three days of the festivals, the audience had a chance to see 37 short films in the competition program, selected out of more than 630 submitted films from 56 countries. The members of the jury were: Iranian actor Babak Karimi (the president), actress Irene Ferri and director of Glasgow Short Film Festival Matt Lloyd.

'Someone Might Drop a Cigarette Butt' has so far been shown at numerous Croatian and international film festivals as part of Zagreb Stories Vol. 2 omnibus. It was also shown independently at Festroia Film Festival and Magma Festival.